Meet the Family

My husband, Steve, and I (Jessica), fell in love with our home at first glance. From the unique Spanish style and incredible views, to the heartfelt character and history, there’s really nothing like it.  When gazing out from the front of the property, you’ll the historic power plant and rock mine that my very own grandfather started in the mid 1970’s. From the back, unmatched views as far as the eye can see. As you walk throughout, you’ll notice elegant detailing true to the Spanish style, large established trees and a peaceful open spaces everywhere you turn.

When 2 of our 4 children found their future wives in the same year that we bought our home, we knew there was no more perfect place than our home for their weddings. As we planned their big days and were able to reflect on how much we enjoyed hosting, we realized that we wanted to share our unique space with other beautiful couples as well. And so, La Hacienda on Snow Hill was born. Today, La Hacienda on Snow Hill is home to a limited number of events each year who share our same love for spending time together and making lifelong memories as a family.

La Hacienda on Snow Hill is a wedding venue near Tampa and Orlando, in Brooksville, Florida. 

Wedding Venue Near Tampa

Pictures above; My husband, Steve and I have 4 children… His, hers and ours…. Ryan, Taylor (Bailey and daughter Rory Bay), Alexis (Matt and daughter Payton Annabelle), and Keaton (Zoe).